The Crazy Cat Adventures of Chloe and Monty

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well, that kind of brings you up-to-date for the last year. Hopefully mom and dad will remember to continue posting pictures in the future.

Cat napping, at its finest Posted by Hello

Purrfect pose Posted by Hello

You stink! Posted by Hello

Is this close enough for you?! Posted by Hello

Stretching for that perfect sunbeam Posted by Hello

She'll never find me... Posted by Hello

What is it about wicker that is so comfortable? Posted by Hello

The remains of grandma's Christmas gift... Posted by Hello

Chloe's continuing practice at bi-pedal motion... Posted by Hello

All future birthday engagements will *REQUIRE* balloons! Posted by Hello

Balancing on two feet! Posted by Hello

What's in the box?! (part 2) Posted by Hello

Monty's submission for Posted by Hello

All I want for Christmas are my front claws! Posted by Hello

Cats @ Christmas Posted by Hello

C'mon, what's in the box? What's in the box?! Posted by Hello

Hmm, I wonder if its dinnertime yet? Posted by Hello

Chloe takes a nap with dad Posted by Hello

Chloe's solo portrait Posted by Hello

Monty's solo portrait Posted by Hello

Fresh out of the box... Posted by Hello

Sleeping with mom Posted by Hello

Fight on the stairs Posted by Hello

Taking a nap in the basket Posted by Hello

Showing off

Why not? We are the only thing our parent's take pictures of anyway, so we thought it would be fun to spread the joy. We hope you enjoy it as well.